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Free Shipping On Most Orders Over $50 - Free Rod Shipping On Rod Orders Over $200

Xtreme Bait Tank - 20 Gallon

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The 20-Gallon X-Treme Bait Tank features a true 20-gallon bait compartment and 10-gallon filter compartment for 30 gallons total.  The tank features a single 800-GPH Tsunami pump that is hooked up to a Dannco Venturi for maximum oxygenation of your bait tank water, single stand pipe and dual-bag 200-micron filter sock filtration system. Features also include high-quality stainless steel hinges and reinforced lid.


One 12 volt pump

Two 200-micron aquatic filter socks

one Dannco Venturi



The black inside wall will completely block out 100% of all light from getting into your tank when the lid is shut.  This feature has proven to significantly assist in a healthier bait.  It is our strong opinion that complete darkness significantly calms the bait and as a result, they are less stressed and much friskier when you are ready to put one on the hook.  Note, any tank ordered with a black inside wall will automatically get a lid with NO WINDOW.  We use a white bottom so you can see the bait when you open the lid.  A black bottom makes it almost impossible to see what's inside, even when the 12v light is on.  Day light can not penetrate the white/black/white lid or base.   


A 110 volt pump can be added to any tank allowing the user to plug the tank into an electrical outlet when off the water, making longer term bait storage a breeze. Additionally, tanks can be built with 110 volt pumps in lieu of 12 volt pumps, ideal for bait and tackle shops or those that prefer to keep bait at home and dip out what they need for the day.  All 110's must be plugged into an approved GFI outlet.


Add a spare filter manifold, complete with filter socks, to your order for an easy swap when it's time to clean the filters.  Simply pull out the manifold in use and insert the spare manifold with clean filter socks. 


A bulkhead lower drain allows all but approximately 1-2" of water to be drained from the tank. A bulkhead overflow drain, located just above the tank fill line, allows excess tank water to drain off.

*Please note that the addition of a bulkhead drain presents an opportunity for a small amount of water to enter between the interior and exterior tank walls. X-Treme Bait Tanks are designed for this water to drain off through weep holes.


Located at the tank fill-line, the skimmer assembly draws water from the top of the tank and sends it through a filter sock before recirculating it to the bait storage side. With a skimmer in place, tank water is filtered from the top down as well as from the bottom up via the tank's standard filtration system.


The lid is split and hinged across the length of the tank and opens from the side versus standard hinging that opens from the front.


One-pound activated charcoal pellets in a reusable mesh bag help further clean tank water.



Dry weight 45 lbs

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