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Sure Life Finer Shiner - 3#

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Sure Life Finer Shiner - 3#

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  • Conditions Water
  • Removes Chlorine
  • Lowers Shiner Losses
  • Hardens Scales
  • Reduces Fungus and Bacteria
  • For Hatchery and Wild Shiners
  • Works on Goldfish
  • Stimulates A Natural Slime Coat
  • Removes Heavy Metals
  • Adds Electrolytes

FINER-SHINER™ Adds Up To Repeat Sales

This product is for use with wild and hatchery shiners and goldfish. FINER-SHINER™ is especially formulated for hard scaled baitfish and once dissolved, leaves the water a clear, green color. The major difference between hard scaled baitfish as opposed to soft scaled baitfish, such as Fathead minnows, is the need of the hard scaled fishes for more potassium in the water along with stronger assistance to fight off bacterial and fungal diseases. FINER-SHINER™ is loaded with potassium and has the ability to help ward off the disease causing organisms which hard scaled baitfish are sensitive to. This is the finest product available for use with any type of shiner or goldfish.

Use FINER-SHINER™ in all waters containing shiners or goldfish. This product is commonly used at fish farm raceways, in hauling truck waters, minnow tanks, holding vats, live bait wells, and minnow buckets. FINER-SHINER™ is economical and easy to use to help curb baitfish loses. One tablespoon treats 50 gallons of water and while one cupful treats 400 gallons of water. This product is specially formulated to readily dissolve and there is no need to wait before adding baitfish.

The advantages of using FINER-SHINER™ in all types of holding water include:

  • The hardening of shiner and goldfish scales. This is very important to make sure your bait lasts during captivity. Soft bait becomes very susceptible to diseases.
  • Fungus and bacterial counts lowered.
  • The healthy, natural slime coat is stimulated on the baitfish.
  • The instant removal of harmful chlorine from city water and melting ice.
  • The enrichment of electrolytes and especially potassium, back into the fish which are routinely lost during captivity.
  • The chellation (removal) of any harmful heavy metals and pesticides which may be present in the water.

Use FINER-SHINER™ in all new water and partial water changes to help become more profitable with fewer losses of your hard scaled baitfish