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Sure Life 3# No-Mmonia

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Sure Life 3# No-Mmonia

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  • Removes Toxic Ammonia From Water.
  • Removes Harmful Chloramines From City Water.
  • Reduces Toxic Nitrite Levels.
  • Especially Useful When Hauling Fish.

Ammonia is a by-products of fish waste and other decaying matter in the bait tank. It is extremely toxic to fish, since it burns their gills.

Chloramines are man-made and are added to city water as an alternative method of disinfecting water aside the use of chlorine. Chloramines are even more toxic to fish, since relatively small amounts interfere with the normal breathing of fish. It basically suffocates them to death. In either case, you will find the gills to be brown, instead of red when exposed to these toxic chemicals.

NO-MMONIA™ IS A WHITE GRANULAR COMPOUND WHICH ELEMINATES BOTH AMMONIA AND CHLORAMINES FROM BAIT TANK WATER. This product also reduces nitrite levels which is a by-product of bacterial nitrogen cycles in closed systems. One heaping tablespoon treats 25 gallons of water; one lever cupful treats 200 gallons. NO-MMONIA™ is especially useful when hauling fish; simply check water for ammonia halfway through journey and add if required. Do not use for extended periods of time. Change 100% of the water on the third day following initial use. NO-MMONIA™ is compatible with all ammonia test kits.