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Free Shipping On All Order Over $100 (Certain Exceptions Apply)

Eagle Claw Trokar Pro-V Bend Flippin' Hook

Size: 3/0
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Turn more bites into hook-ups with the surgically sharpened Eagle Claw® TroKar® Pro-V Bend Flippin' Hook. Tested and proven by tournament pros, these hooks consistently pierce a fish lip with half the force of other hooks. This is the result of a special process, which tempers the cold-forged, high-carbon steel, maintaining just the right amount of flexibility, before a computer-sharpened, 3-sided hook point is added. Uses heavy 3X wire, along with a heavy forge to maintain zero flex throughout the hook. Hook is designed for power fishing applications and techniques. Used when fishing heavy cover. Features the Pro-V bend, which is more aggressively shaped than a standard round bend. The benefit of the Pro-V bend is to help secure the fish when hooked. Other features include a welded eye, barbed straight shank. A molded barb on the shank prevents baits from sliding down.

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