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Daiwa Tatula Elite Spinning Rod

Length: 7'0 MLF - Drop Shot
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  • The Daiwa Tatula Elite Crankbait Casting Rods are a series of the pro-designed Daiwa Tatula Elite Rods made from fiberglass for extra crankbait pulling parabolic action.
  • The Daiwa Tatula Elite Series are built on SVF (Super High Volume Carbon Fiber) Nanoplus Nano Resin Graphite blanks and a premium lighter-weight Glass Material for all Fiberglass rods. Reinforced with X45 Bias Wrap Construction.
  • All Daiwa Tatula Elite Rods are equipped with premium Fuji Alconite Guides, Airsensor Carbon Reel Seats, as well as premium grips--top line EVA and premium cork.
  • Daiwa stands by the quality of their products and offers a 5 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects directly from Daiwa.
  • Daiwa Tatula Elite Rods are available in several different technique-specific configurations including: Tatula Elite Baitcasting Rods, Tatula Elite Crankbait Casting Rods, and Tatula Elite Spinning Rods.

Daiwa Tatula Elite Series Rods were designed from the ground-up by top Daiwa Pros, including Patrick Walters, Seth Feider, Randy Howell, Takahiro Omori, Bret Ehrler, Ish Monroe, Cory Johnston, Cody Meyer and Chris Johnston. This power-packed crew of professionals worked with Daiwa engineers to design the ideal technique-specific rods based on their years of professional angling experience using tons of different techniques. These premium rods will level-up your angling, whether you're a casual weekend angler, or professional tournament angler yourself, maximizing your time on the water!

In terms of technology, the Daiwa Tatula Elite Series of rods were designed with Daiwa's SVF (Super High Volume Carbon Fiber) blanks, which combines precise resin control and unidirectional graphite fiber to produce a blank that has maximum graphite density. This ultimately creates a blank that is extremely lightweight, robust, powerful, and sensitive, all the qualities you want in any fishing rod. Daiwa also implemented their X45 Technology, which eliminates blank twist, therefore increasing power. X45's Bias Wrap Construction uses a left/right 45-degree carbon weave within the blank, radically improving the rod strength and durability along with preventing blank ovalization. Each rod utilizes an Airsensor Carbon Reel Seat, made from lightweight SVF carbon, which increases the sensitivity transmitted from the blank to your hand and provides a more compact and comfortable feel.

Finally, each Daiwa Tatula Elite Series rod comes with a 5 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects, directly from Daiwa! Check out the Casting, Spinning and Crankbait options of the Tatula Elite Series Rods.

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