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Core Tackle

Core Tackle Weedless Hover Rig

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Size:1/8 oz. 3/0
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Core Tackle Weedless Hover Rig

1/8 oz. 3/0

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Pickup available, usually ready in 1 hour

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Developed for situations when anglers want to utilize the hover strolling technique around cover, the Core Tackle Weedless Hover Rig allows anglers to fish through brush and weeds without snagging. Perfect for targeting fish with forward-facing sonar units, the Core Tackle Weedless Hover Rig features lead poured along the shank of the hook and in front of the line tie to distribute the weight throughout the soft plastic instead of being isolated at the head like a traditional jighead. Built to create a more natural horizontal fall that glides side-to-side or spirals and absolutely drives fish crazy, each jig also features a wire weed guard that's more stealthy than traditional fiber weed guards and helps the hover rig deflect off rocks, wood, and dock pilings.

Maximizing efficiency and saving soft plastics as well, the Core Tackle Weedless Hover Rig is much faster and easier to rig than other hover stroll rigs that use a non-weighted jig hook and nail weight combination, reducing wear on soft plastics so you can catch more fish per bait. The Heavy Duty (HD) Hover Rig encompasses a stout 90-degree flipping hook and beefed-up weed guard creating a must-have power-fishing Hover Rig that can be flipped and skipped into the heaviest of cover while handling the meanest of freshwater and saltwater species. Offered in a wide arrangement of sizes that pair with all sorts of finesse soft plastics, the Core Tackle Weedless Hover Rig is perfect for hover strolling in or around cover.