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Cashion CORE Crappie Series

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Action:Ultra Light - Fast
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Cashion CORE Crappie Series

Ultra Light - Fast / 6'6

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You guys asked, and we answered! Some guys like the longer 7 foot rod just for personal preference, however, the new 7 foot Core Panfish rod definitely serves a purpose. When skipping or shooting docks, most anglers prefer to go with the shortest rod they can get away with like the 6' or 6'6" rods. Due to the parabolic action of those shorter rods, there is only so far you can skip or shoot a jig. The 7 foot Core Panfish rod will allow anglers to skip and shoot jigs up to 4 feet farther than with the shorter rods! The Fast action and Ultra Light power gives you the tools you need to skip or shoot the jigs with pinpoint accuracy, and this rod has plenty of backbone to horse those slabs out from even the heaviest of cover! The all new 7 foot Core Panfish rod is a must have rod if you are on the water chasing those giant slabs!

We have worked with guides and professionals in the Panfish Fishing Industry to design three models that cover the widest options for Panfish fishing. We built the Core Panfish rods to offer the perfect load for casting, dock shooting, or jigging a variety of Panfish baits.

The Cashion Core Panfish rods are extremely sensitive due to the uni-directional manufacturing of our blanks. Cashion Core Panfish spinning fishing rods are designed with a high quality graphite Fuji Reel Seat and #6 guides. These guides accommodate anglers that prefer the bigger guides. Also the #6 guides allow for knots to easily pass through and don't freeze over as easy in cold weather. Cashion Core Panfish spinning fishing rods contain our exclusive carbon-fiber split grips, which feel great in your hands. Additionally our carbon-fiber grips are more durable and denser than cork or foam which allows vibrations from the rod tip to travel directly to your finger tips.

In Conclusion, the uni-directional carbon fiber blank, Fuji reel seat, #6 guides, and Cashion's carbon-fiber split grip handles, makes this an affordable, high-performing spinning option from Cashion Fishing Rods.